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The Charles River Center
Paul D. Merritt Building
Phone:  781-972-1000
Fax:  781-444-5146
TTY:  781-972-0104
John Grugan, President,  781-972-1022
Ashley Pugliares, Executive Assistant, 781-972-1014
Carol Alden, Vice President, Therapeutic Day Services, 781-972-1007
Todd Anderson, Director of Information Technology, 781-972-1023
Anne-Marie Bajwa, Chief Operating Officer, 781-972-1021
Susan Boyer, Vice President, Finance and Administration, 781-972-1027
Anna Brodziak, Director of Accounting, 781-972-1015
Jennifer Fagan, Vice President, Community Living Program, 781-972-1010
Cliff Hammel, Director of Facilities, 781-972-1051
Kevin Kacavich, Director of Human Resources, 781-972-1012
Ellen Kilicarslan, Vice President, Family Support, 781-972-1048
Heather Lomartire, Vice President, Employment Services, 781-972-1076
Hilary Ryan, Development, 781-972-1030
Charles River Employment Services
Phone:  781-972-1000
Fax: 781-444-0754
TTY:  781-972-0104
Charles River Employment Services and Autism Support Center 
Phone: 508-651-5900, press 0 to ring
Fax: 508-655-5913
EPay: 866-575-5929