Charles River welcomes the Wonder Garden

In August, the Wonder Garden – formerly the Grace Christian Nursery School – moved into a classroom and office space on the Merritt Center’s lower level.

Wonder Garden Program Director Jean Lorence had contact Hilary Ryan, Vice President of Development at Charles River. “Jean said the preschool was losing its 40-year location because the church that housed it was being sold,” Hilary said. “They had a need and we had space, which included an enclosed play area. We decided to explore the idea of a collaboration.”

Once Charles River and the Wonder Garden agreed on the specifics, Charles River reimagined office space for its staff and prepared the classroom for use by Wonder Garden teachers and their young students. In August, moving trucks rolled up to the Merritt Center’s lower level and the Wonder Garden settled into its new home.

“We are delighted to welcome the staff, students and families of the Wonder Garden to our campus,” said Anne-Marie Bajwa, President and CEO of the Charles River Center.

“We’re delighted that Charles River opened their doors – and their hearts – to us,” Jean said.