Making Music Together At Strathmore Road

Avidia Bank Charitable Foundation funded a new music program for adults who participate in Day & Employment Services at our Natick location on Strathmore Road. Charles River partnered with Plugged In Band Program (a local 501c3 charitable organization) to offer an on-site percussion program for adults with disabilities.

The Percussion Circle is made up of a group of people who are learning to express themselves and to communicate with the other musicians by sharing in the music they are making together with their instruments. It’s a great way to overcome social barriers and allows everyone to succeed and be a part of a larger group. One of the special aspects of a Percussion Circle is that the members of the group do not need to be trained musicians; rather, the gathering is meant to be fun and relaxing, and everyone can play. Each member can listen to what the others are playing and join in, and they can start their own rhythms with the help of the teacher. While participants will learn about teamwork, rhythm, and how to make different sounds, the overall goal is participation and fun!