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Charles River Center Receives Outstanding Survey and Certification Report

The Charles River Center

The Charles River Center, a multi-service agency based in Needham that helps more than 600 adults and children with developmental disabilities, announced today that it was recently re-certified with the highest level of recognition by the Department of Developmental Services (DDS), following a recent Office of Quality Enhancement (OQE) survey.

All providers who serve individuals funded by DDS are required to meet State Licensing and Certification regulations that assure health, safety, human rights and quality services for the people they serve.  The OQE surveyors spent five days reviewing policies and practices, as well as interviewing staff and individuals served at The Charles River Center.  The Community Living Program and Employment Services were reviewed. 

Organizationally, The Charles River Center has experienced significant growth since the last certification two years ago.  It opened several new homes and is slated to open another home in Needham for young adults within the year.  Additionally, a new location in Natick opened that provides day services, as well as work and community inclusion opportunities for young adults, many of whom have autism spectrum disorders.

In addition to receiving high scores on each licensing and certification standard reviewed, the report recognized many outstanding achievements.  The report stated that the staff have established significant positive relationships with individuals and show a strong commitment to ensuring all individuals are integrated into the community to the greatest extent possible. Individuals served by the Charles River programs conveyed their great satisfaction with staff, and it was evident that individuals are encouraged to participate in activities of their choice.  The report concluded that The Charles River Center “employs a dedicated and knowledgeable workforce that continues to grow and provide quality supports across all services.”

“To receive an overall rating of 95% during a time of rapid expansion demonstrates that we have solid systems in place to ensure quality services.  Yet, systems are only as good as the staff who are following them.  The credit goes to our dedicated staff who work exceptionally hard each and every day to enrich the lives of those we support,” said Anne-Marie Bajwa, Chief Operating Officer at The Charles River Center.