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Annual Award Winners Are Announced!

Charles River Center Needham


Congratulations to the following Charles River Center employees and individuals who will be recognized at this year’s Annual Awards Dinner on Friday, November 6th at Lombardo's in Randolph.

All are welcome to join this heartwarming and fun celebration which includes dinner and dancing.  Please contact Ashley Pugliares at or (781) 972-1014 if you would like to be sent an invitation.  

EARL MOUNTAIN AWARD: Amy Coran, Residential Director


Family Support:

Youth Participant of the year: Matthew Fadule

Adult Participant of the year: Julia Lockhart

Staff of the year: Elaine Federico

Volunteer of the year: Angela Macedo, Director of Community Service Programs at Dana Hall School


Day Habilitation:

Day Habilitation participant of the year: John Learnard

Day Habilitation staff of the year:  Elizabeth Kaplan


Employment and Day Services:

Employment and Day Services participant of the year: Michael Perkins

Employment and Day Services staff of the year: Charlotte Ruskin  


Residential Services:

Resident of the year: David Nimms 

Residential Services Staff person of the year: Margaret McBride


Community Award:

Needham Fire Department


Administration Recognition Award:

Noreene Savard, Residential Nurse


Board Recognition Award:

William Kelly, Former Board Chairman


Long Term Staff Honorees:

10 years: Terri Fitzgerald, Christian Ortiz and Melinda Pollock-Umana

15 years: Raju Thekaekara

20 years: Heather Lomartire

30 years: Frank Stockwell