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Thanks to the Wellesley Service League for 47 years of service to the Charles River Center!

Charles River Center, Needham

In honor of National Philanthropy Day (, we would like to recognize and thank the Wellesley Service League for their 47 years of service and dedication to the Charles River Center.  

Established in 1927, the Wellesley Service League is a non-profit organization that provides volunteer services to the community--ranging from education, children, the elderly, cultural and other charitable interests.  On average, the Wellesley Service League provides more than 5,000 hours of service a year through the dedication and hard work of their 75 members.

At the Charles River Center, members have been actively volunteering since 1969.  Today, ten volunteers help during art therapy classes on Monday and Fridays in Day Habilitation, as well as music therapy classes on Tuesday afternoons.  Also once a week, two volunteers visit Employment and Day Services, assisting in the training room or helping individuals with activities such as math and reading practice.  

Says Carol Alden, Vice President of Day Habilitation, “The volunteers of the Wellesley Service League offer the individuals undivided attention, encouragement and, in some cases, hand over hand assistance.  Not only is their presence a benefit to the individuals who attend, but it is a source of support for staff as well.  It is challenging to get a group of 12 individuals settled in the Art/Music Room, engaged in making choices, following instructions, cleaning up after a project, and being reinforced for their effort.  The members of the Wellesley Service League offer support in all these areas and more!  In addition to the actual tasks that contribute to the success of the art and music programs, the members have built many genuine friendships with individuals.  It is always a pleasure to observe the joking and the fun that happens during sessions – it’s all positive, it’s all good, and we are grateful to have these community partners.”  

We are honored to be one of the many organizations the Wellesley Service League continues to serve. We wholeheartedly appreciate their time and commitment to our programs and the individuals we serve, and we look forward to our continued partnership for many years to come.

wellelsey service league