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DDS Open Interest Jan. 9 to Jan. 31st

Charles River Center, Needham

DDS has announced An Open Interest Period will be held to allow DDS eligible families the opportunity to submit an Interest Form for the DESE/DDS Residential Prevention Program.  The DESE/DDS Residential Prevention Program is designed to provide in-home supports to school-age participants who are at risk of requiring an out-of-home placement. The intent of the program is to increase a family's capacity to maintain their child at home, providing in-home supports and support for access to their community.   The Program is designed to complement, not supplant, other sources of individual supports such as school programs, other state-federal resources, and insurance benefits.  


DDS will accept Interest Forms for the DESE/DDS Residential Prevention Program between January 9, 2017 and January 31, 2017.  Please note that submitting an interest application does not guarantee acceptance into the program. 

Please click here to view the notice and application.

If you need assistance please contact Ellen Kilicarslan, VP of Family Support, at or (781) 972-1048.