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New Offering: Shared Living

Charles River Center, Needham

We are pleased to announce that the Charles River Center has been approved as a Shared Living Provider.

In the Shared Living arrangement, a member of the community (singles, couples, families) welcomes a person with a disability to live with them in their home.  Individuals with disabilities may need assistance with personal care needs, medical needs, transportation, community integration, recreational activities, and day-to-day needs.  A case manager from the Charles River Center provides regular support and oversight.

Aside from personal satisfaction, the host will receive a monthly tax-free stipend.  Respite time will also be included to allow for time-off when needed.  All necessary trainings will be provided. 

Shared Living can be a wonderful and personally fulfilling experience for all involved.

Please contact Kayla Condon at (781) 972-1081 or for more information.