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Happy Retirement to a Valued Employee

Charles River Center, Needham

The Charles River YMCA held a good-bye reception for Bill L., who has been a Day Porter at the Charles River Center YMCA on Great Plain Ave. for 15 ½ years.  In this position, where he worked five days a week, Bill cleaned the windows, swept the floors, and kept the building tidy.  “We have been blessed to have Bill as part of our YMCA family every day for the past 15 years.  He is kind and caring and part of our community.  We will miss his wonderful smile, for which he is known, as well as his positive attitude and kind and courteous nature.  We wish him the best in his retirement and hope he visits regularly!” said Paula Jacobson, Executive Director of the YMCA.  Bill, who lives in Norwood, is supported by the Charles River Center.  The agency helped him get his job and looks in on him at his apartment.  Bill will enjoy his retirement in the Community Choices group and plans to work in the Horticulture Program at least two days a week.