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For Adults  

Adult Recreation

The adult recreation/education program provides extended day, after work, evening, and weekend activities for the adult members and families of the Charles River Center.  Programs  include:

  • Clubs: Cooking, Walking, Bowling (Natick)
  • Community Outings:  These Saturday afternoon trips to local attractions are always popular
  • Monthly Dances: Popular for over 30 years, these dances provide a place where adults can socialize and share their love of music and dancing


Extended Day Program

The Extended Day Program is a social and skill building program for individuals 18 and older.  The program is offered Monday through Friday and runs from 3:00 - 5:30 pm.  The program's primary goal is to encourage individuals to recognize and strengthen their abilities while having fun in a recreational environment.


Weekend Respite

For parents and caregivers who need to travel over a weekend, or who would just like a break while knowing their loved one is in good hands.  The house is a two-bedroom that can accommodate up to four guests, aged 18 and over, who do not have serious ambulation issues.  Drop off is at 3 pm on Friday and pickup is at 3 pm on Sunday.  While at the house, participants take day trips, enjoy meals, watch movies and play games.  For additional information, please contact Zohreh King at

Adult Foster Care

Designed for those who want to live in a family setting with an approved caregiver.  Caregivers can be relatives, friends and non-related people with the exception of a spouse or a parent who is the guardian.  Caregivers are paid a tax-free daily stipend for the services they provide such as assistance with activities of daily living, personal care, meal preparation and transportation to appointments.  The “placement” is monitored regularly by an RN and a care manager who provide support and education to the caregiver and the participant.  The program is funded through MassHealth. 


Individual Support

Our Individual Support services offer many of the same services and supports that are available to people living in our Community Residences to individuals living in their own apartments.  The primary focus of this program is to maximize independence and help each individual fully participate in community life. 

Charles River's team of professional staff provides flexible support and training, depending on the need of each individual.  Typically, assistance is provided for:

  • Money management
  • Medical and dental appointments
  • Life skills

Maintaining one's own household is a valued component of independent living and Charles River case managers work to support this goal. 

All staff members are expected to obtain the Department of Developmental Services’ Medication Administration Program certification and be certified in First Aid/CPR. Each staff member receives training in fire safety, human rights, and self-determination. A registered nurse and certified professionals provide these trainings. Psychological and social work consultants provide additional support as needed.